I'm not exactly like you.

I think differently. I see a different context and communicate very directly.
I'm kind, people-friendly, helpful and easygoing after the first meeting.
My personal and business relationships are always long-term.
I am an emotional person, even if you don't always see that.

I like to think that we're all valuable and unique.
I don't have a problem with this.

Contact : Edwin van den Oetelaar (inventor at large)
Telephone : +31 (0)6 53329077 (leave a message)
Email : edwin@oetelaar.com

The essence : What I can do for you ?

2 Answers : Ideation phase, implementation phase
Phase 1 : I ask more questions and listen more than I give answers.
I ask so that you will see new perspectives.
In phase 2 : I solve problems, understand the value of answers and solutions for you and your organization.

If *you know for sure what you want to achieve*, only then will I look for a way to realise it, that's it in a nutshell.
I'm an experienced technician/entrepreneur who helps you with research / design / decision making / solution to complex problems, so you can achieve your goals.
I know how to make scalable solutions, technical and organizational.

You can ask me for a role as advisor, director, project leader, mentor or researcher/developer for your organisation or project.
My field of work is technology, automation and optimization (of business processes, organization).
It often involves the development of hardware and software, always keeping people central.

I graduated in Electronics, EMC (RF, electro magnetism), Electrical Engineering (EE), Technical Business Administration (BI, quality assurance systems).
I have worked at the University, the business world and brought my own products to the market.

My goals

Primary goal : To be happy by doing useful things for others.
My family is on "1" privately.
Then for a long time nothing ... than to work happily with other people on nice and useful things.
I have been independent for 20 years and work on my own projects and those of others.

Some kind words

"learned to know Edwin in 2002 when I was leading an e-commerce
project within Philips PC Peripherals to create a new content management
based web portal for its business contacts.

Thanks to excellent collaboration, Dreamsolution
-the company Edwin worked for together with Ilja Maas-
delivered an excellent system.
Operational in only a few months -in time, and in budget.

This was the first big step for Philips in the Benelux in
"e-communication", introducing a combination of a CMS
platform, combined with other features like
automated 'customer channel tailored' e-newsletter and
customer data management." February 25, 2008

Erik Pieraert, Product Manager, Philips was a consultant or contractor to
Edwin at Van den Oetelaar Automatisering & Bedrijfsadviezen

Thanks Erik for these kind words
Hobbies and other sites
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